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    January 6, 2012 by NoReason

    This is a very new wiki, so contribute to it as much as you can :). Also, there's a little malfunction going on that I am trying to fix ASAP: If you noticed, near the top, where it says 1 Page On This Wiki; there's obviously not 1 page on this wiki! I have like, 7 at the moment. So just keep adding pages and ignore the thing until I get it fixed and it represents the number of pages I actually HAVE on this wiki.

    Also, the search bar thing is jacked up also. Trying to fix that also. When you try to search for an existing page, the usual drop-down menu doesn't pop out for most pages. You have to type the exact name in. If you want easier navigation, use the category listing page. It's on the home page.

    Remember, guys, our goal is 50 Pages! By …

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