It was then that the crowd cheered when several hundred spaceships landed on the red dust of the planet. The hatch opened from the first spaceship, bigger than the rest, painted bright blue and green. Our planet.

A man climbed out and raised his arms in triumph. "Here we are, on the surface of Mars, seven-twenty PM, Earth time. Everything seems clear, and it looks safe to get out." He made a light step on the ground, then cheered with ten-billion other humans back on Earth.

With that moment, a bigger hatch opened, this time in another spaceship, and a gigantic drill, big as a bulldozer, rolled out, creaking, hauled by thorium ropes that were pulled by other astronauts. The hot Martian sun beamed on their plated backs as they led the drill toward an open, large crater. When the drill was in place, an engineer hopped onto the back and began to start the drill, pointing it toward the ground, full of riches for the planet of Earth.

And vital it was for our planet. With Earth's resources nearly depleted by centuries of farming, our greedy eyes had laid on the distant, red planet of Mars. Our ambition never stopped then. With years of work we had conquered the Moon. Now, we conquer Mars.

The drill slammed itself against the rock, churning through the red ground, roaring in the thin air. The drill never stopped until it made a large bang against something.

"Finally!" cried the astronauts.

The drill withdrew from the ground, revealing dozens of rare and precious ores, gleaming with the Martian sunlight. Hundreds of astronauts rushed to the spaceships and came back, equipped with steel pickaxes.

"Look at that!" cried the aforementioned man, beckoning to the metals in the ground. "Earth would be rich!"

Suddenly the ground shook. Hundreds of astronauts were thrown off their feet.

"What the-"

The ground erupted as shards of rock flew in all directions. Ravines broke open as something, just something, rose from underground and wrecked the spaceships, amid cries from the surprised astronauts.

We were not alone.