The Human Hangar is a dock for battery-powered humans for Human Recharging, similar to the way laptops work of rechargable batteries.

The basic-sized hangar is composed of two stations, one for each human. A plug can be pulled out and plugged into the human being's outlet, where the batteries are located. A basic human hangar plug charges an almost-depleted human in 2 hours.

When charging at the dock, the human is stationed vertical at its station, with an option of sitting down. Deluxe versions of the hangar include televisions, a fridge, and even the mechanism for the user to lay down. When the user is fully charge, the user is notified through a green LED light next to him/her (the same LED light is on the user's back of neck).

The hangar is the equivilent of a natural human's sleep, utilized so that the user doesn't even have to close his/her eyes, making it useful for time management, as you could do extra things in your day.

Deluxe VersionEdit

The Deluxe version sold by Cybertech Inc. are two-thousand dollars more than the basic version (which is one-thousand dollars), making it a steep deal for a user. However, the comfort of the deluxe version is unmatched by the basic version. It's made of fine stainless steel, embellished with ornate designs. The deluxe hangar is much larger, giving your chair room to lay flat. It also includes a high-definition television. When the television is in computer-mode, a keyboard with trackpad will slide out. The fridge is located on the bottom, giving you a wide variety of snacks (or you can store your own).