Welcome to the Future Insider Wiki!

Welcome to the Future Insider Wiki! We are dedicated to writing sci-fi stories, science-related pictures, and cool futuristic inventions/ideas that could POSSIBLY occur (cannot be that it can't happen in any time). This is a new wiki; we are looking for editors and writers to add new pages to this wiki.


Otherwise, get started by going to the Category Listing and choose your category to check out the pages there. Or you could start helping our wiki by reading through the Site Rules first.

(Note: There is a malfunction on our wiki; near the top where it says 1 Page On This Wiki, that's obviously not true. Just ignore it. We're trying to get it fixed. Also, our search bar will not display a drop-down menu to some existing pages, so ignore that also. For navigation, please see the Category Listing ((or site rules for the rules)) to access our pages. We apologize for the inconvience. Thank you!)