Advanced Sidewalks are technologically advanced sidewalks equipped with voice activation, vending machines, and computers. These sidewalks are moving, possibly inspired by moving walkways, with an optional rail to hold onto.

Built-in GPSEdit

These sidewalks are programmed to your voice, giving you a wide variety of commands. You can ask the sidewalk to give you directions, much like a GPS. The directions are highlighted on the sidewalk, giving you an obvious answer which way to go. The sidewalk has an alternative, in which you could use a map instead. The map is a hologram, and your route is highlighted on the map. A computer-voice will help guide you to find your way. These commands are all availible via your voice.


All sidewalks have at least two built-in vending machines, which, like the GPS, can be activated by a single word. A hologram will pop up in front of you, giving you options for food and drink. When you select your item, you must slide your credit card across the hologram. After you have paid, your item will be moved from the storage area underground and will pop out from the ground from the nearest holes.

All items are replaced weekly, with new items appearing often.